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"Nishane offers opulent fragrances that blend the West and the Orient." The perfumes, which are intense and long-lasting, sensual and mysterious, open up new worlds, awaken lost memories, and tell of long-forgotten stories. The fragrances present themselves as extrait de parfum, with a fragrance oil content of more than 30%, and seduce the senses of their wearer. Nishane creates a fragrant synthesis of the West and the Orient. Nishane was the first perfume brand to successfully blend the West and the Orient in exquisite fragrance creations. The luxury fragrance brand has found the perfect home in the heart of Istanbul to bring both worlds together in a contrasting, creative, and mysterious way. Every walk through the streets of the mega-metropolis provides new inspirations and impressions.

Of fragrances and memories

A fragrance can bring back precious memories, awaken feelings, and revive emotions with just a gentle pinch. Nishane's founders understood how to capture that special moment when a perfume's scent unfolds and invites you on a one-of-a-kind journey. The luxury perfumes provide a haven for the wearer, revealing a path to her deepest sensations and reawakening memories of unforgettable moments. As a result, the exquisite brand's intense fragrances embody more than just an accessory. They are a form of art, melting into the skin of their wearer and telling long-forgotten stories.

Fragrance creations inspired by stories and quotes

Nishane's luxurious fragrances, filled with stories, quotes, and memories, invite the wearer into a world as cosmopolitan, urban, contrasting, and full of life as the bipolar megametropolis on the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus. Fragrances like "Fan Your Flames," "Havicat," and "Hundret Silent Ways" are dedicated to delightful novellas like "The Little Prince," a children's story beloved by adults and children alike. Each perfume has its own story to tell and takes the wearer on a one-of-a-kind journey.

Meet the Perfumer

Mert Güzel and Murat Katran launched their premium fragrance label Nishane in Istanbul in 2012. The two brand founders only recently discovered their passion for the world of fragrances. Güzel previously ran a book publishing company that told stories through decorative picture books. Katran worked in the export industry and enjoyed acting in his spare time. Güzel and Katran met because they both desired something graceful, beautiful, and exclusive. As a result, they created a luxury brand that is both artistic and creative. Today, Nishane is regarded as a flagship Turkish brand, with a global reputation for exclusive haute perfumery.