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Obvious Parfums represents a new definition of luxury, combining simplicity and elegance. The brand focuses on transparency, environmental consciousness, and high-quality, natural ingredients to create fragrances that are both modern and timeless. Obvious Parfums are made in France and reflect the highest standards of quality. The brand's philosophy is based on the belief that true beauty is obvious and does not need to be explained.

Inspired by nature

The collection of Obvious includes a variety of fragrances, such as "Un Bois," "Une Pistache," "Un Musc," and many more. These perfumes are characterized by their simple yet elegant composition, known for both their longevity and environmental friendliness. Each scent is carefully balanced, bringing the essence of nature into a bottle.

Sustainable Luxury

Obvious places great emphasis on reducing unnecessary and harmful ingredients. The brand uses natural ingredients of the perfumery art to create intimate and elegant fragrances. Each creation is a delicate balance of simplicity and sophistication, reflecting the essence of natural beauty. Furthermore, the brand pays attention to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Combined with history and quality, it makes itself a preferred choice for connoisseurs and lovers of fine fragrances.

Meet the Creator

The founder of the brand, David Frossard, brings his many years of experience in the perfume industry to create fragrances that are both elegant and eco-friendly. His vision is to combine luxury and simplicity while respecting the environment. Under his leadership, Obvious sets new standards in perfumery by offering authentic and sustainable fragrances that appeal to both body and mind.