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With its elegant luxury fragrances, the Onyrico perfume house describes journeys through Italian art history. The unique and fascinating fragrance creations were inspired by masters of the formative arts, music, and Italian national pride. Each fragrance tells a unique story and contains a message that the wearer can carry with them throughout the day. Elegant perfumes caress the mind and touch the soul. The rich aromas and refined compositions result in fragrances that feel like a moving poem, a soulful symphony, or an extravagant work of art.

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Greta Beth

Love this! If you like the citruss vanilla in Xerjoff's Lira, and Profumu Roma's Dulcis in Fundo, and the ginger note in Nishane's Ani and Hermes' Twilly, you will likely enjoy this too.



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Exclusive fragrances that reflect the Italian joie de vivre.

Each fragrance in the Onyrico collection pays homage to great Italian artists of the past. As a result, each of these perfumes has its own distinct personality and charm. The unisex Rossa Bohème fragrance, with its woody-spicy undertones, is a delightful and seductive scent that is appropriate for all seasons and situations. Every day becomes a very special experience, full of emotion and devotion.

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As a painter meticulously mixes his colors, Onyrico works with great sensitivity, patience, and precision to create tasteful fragrances that transport their wearers' minds on journeys. Only high-quality raw materials are used in the creation of these luxurious fragrance creations, which are assembled in filigree handwork and matched with admirable sensitivity. It takes a lot of time and patience to complete this task. Designers with spectacular visions collaborate with experienced chemists and master perfumers to create beguiling fragrances that bring the craft to life. We provide exclusive samples of Onyrico fragrances so that the perfumes can be discovered, thoroughly tested, and enjoyed in a calm and relaxed environment.

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The Onyrico collections represent the Italians' pride in their beautiful country and their people. Passion collides with sensuality, joie de vivre collides with temperament, and creativity collides with pleasure. Glamourous perfumes are created that creatively interpret and translate the tones, colors, and poems of the great masters in precious essences and aromatic oils, inspired by painters, musicians, and sculptors of the past. Each fragrance invites you to let go and dream.