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Parco 1923

This brand takes you into the centuries-old history of a nature reserve that preserves the beauty and unspoiled nature of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. The brand celebrates the rich flora that has been shaped by centuries of isolation. Inspired by the creation of the national park and the protection of the Marsican brown bear, Parco 1923 unleashes elegant and unique aromas through the use of indigenous plants and natural materials such as Pietra Gentile and beech wood. Each fragrance brings to life the botanical secrets and sensory memories of this natural paradise.

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Scarpetta di Venere

Parco 1923

best selling product

Natural beauty and passionate botany

The essence of Parco 1923 reflects a unique floral heritage, derived from the park's indigenous plants and flowers. These fragrances convey the feeling of being immersed in the ancient forests, especially in their richest season. But the bottles also bear the marks of the region. The simple design of the bottles is rounded off by a cap made of beech wood and a ring made of Pietra Gentile, a stone that has been used in the architecture of the region for centuries.

Expertise and proven botany

In close collaboration with botanical experts and local park rangers, who have been working in these pristine areas for years, the particularly valuable ingredients that form the soul of the Parco fragrances have been selected after careful study. This selection represents not only the natural diversity of the park, but also the essence of its beauty and botanical fascination.

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