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Der Duft represents the fusion of modern scent composition and timeless alchemy. This perfume brand stands out with its abstract and provocative approach. Each fragrance tells its own story and is often created in collaboration with extraordinary perfumers. Der Duft aims to raise eyebrows and turn heads with its bold and multi-layered creations, appealing especially to discerning fragrance enthusiasts seeking unique olfactory experiences.

Transparency meets the art of fragrance

PERFUME.SUCKS stands for an unconventional approach to perfume making. Instead of hiding behind glamorous packaging and opulent marketing campaigns, the brand opts for clear, transparent bottles and a full declaration of ingredients. This transparency aims to raise customer awareness and give them the opportunity to appreciate the true art of perfumery. By combining natural and synthetic raw materials, PERFUME.SUCKS creates fragrances that are both modern and timeless, inviting wearers to experience and tell their own stories.

Fragrances with a message - For reflection and enjoyment

PERFUME.SUCKS creates fragrances that impress both with their quality and their deeper messages. Each fragrance addresses societal issues or personal reflections, making them more than just perfumes. For example, the scent HUMAN 0233 inspires thoughts about humanity and solidarity, while WEALTH 4181 encourages reflection on the true value of wealth. These fragrances are not only olfactory experiences but also calls for reflection and action.

Meet the Creator

Andreas Wilhelm, the founder of PERFUME.SUCKS, is an experienced Swiss perfumer with over twenty years of industry experience. With PERFUME.SUCKS, Wilhelm wanted to create an alternative to the traditional perfume industry, which often relies on marketing strategies. His brand focuses on transparency and the pure essence of fragrances. Wilhelm combines synthetic and natural ingredients to create unique and bold fragrance compositions. His passion and dedication to perfumery are reflected in every bottle, telling the true story of the fragrance and exuding authenticity.