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Philly and Phill

Philly & Phill is a family-run luxury label that has made a name for itself with unique fragrances that clearly stand out from the mainstream. Modern, stylish and extremely soulful - this is how the designer couple's perfumes present themselves. Each fragrance has its own unmistakable character. They are as cool and casual as they are carefree and seductive. It is a play with emotions right on the pulse of the times. Philly & Phill focus on the personality of the young and young-at-heart wearers.

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Boudoir Belle

Philly and Phill

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Sexy, powerful, sensual and varied - fragrances as diverse as life itself

Easy for Ecstasy is a woody-fresh unisex fragrance that focuses on warm, irresistible musk. Faith for Fantasy, on the other hand, captivates with appetizing aromas of caramel and praline - a unisex fragrance that definitely makes you want more. Eve goes Eden attracts attention with its fruity, leathery orientation, because this women's fragrance is pure temptation. Out at the Opera is a spicy, woody unisex fragrance reminiscent of an exciting evening at the opera house. The woody-fruity Date me in Downtown is the ultimate flirty perfume for men and women. With a variety of influences, it will definitely leave a pleasant memory. Romeo on the Rocks awakens the conqueror and adventurer in every man with its fresh and woody tones - a sophisticated fragrance for real gentlemen.

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Life presents new challenges every day. Every day is an experience. Philly & Phill have made it their mission to develop fragrances that reflect precisely these diverse facets. These are fragrances that are hip, sometimes rebellious and always experienced with a certain amount of provocation and sex appeal. All perfumes are influenced by one factor: love. With a fragrance sample, you can test, experience and enjoy your new favorite scent, which underlines your individuality and the tingling tummy tingle.

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Meet the creators

Philly & Phill was founded by the married couple Tanja Bublitz and Stefan Cozma. She is the heart of the label, as she is the fourth generation to run the Brückner perfumery in Munich. Living together with her partner inspired her to develop her own perfume line. Her husband is her inspiration and muse. Every luxury fragrance that the two of them develop together tells a small, very personal story of their life together. It is the creative realization of special places and events that connect them. The magic of love and seductive romance is revealed in every Philly & Phill perfume.