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Roberto Ugolini

If you like handcrafted noble shoes from Italy, you've probably heard of Roberto Ugolini. His customers come from all over the world to shop at his store in the heart of Florence. The address is Via dei Michelozzi, and the unassuming little store entrance is easily overlooked. Isn't that unusual for a successful perfumer and shoemaker? No way, not in Italy! But it is precisely these quiet stories that pique one's interest, and one wonders, "Who is this Roberto Ugolini, and what distinguishes his fragrances?" He inherited his trade from his forefathers, but he has only been making fragrances for about 20 years.

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Roberto Ugolini

Hardly any men's shoe model is as common as the "Oxford,". This is worn especially when it comes to festive occasions and the big appearance. A particularly classic shoe model - traditional and especially in black, it is the perfect shoe for a suit. The shoe embodies timeless traditional elegance like no other. Like a reflection of light on black polished shoes, citrus notes of bitter grapefruit and sweet orange rise above the pepper heart of "Oxford". Aromatic, sparkling, spicy-sharp pepper blends with pink pepper. Slightly fruity accents are reminiscent of roses, which in turn is underlined by the green and rose-like nuances of the geranium. The base is furnished with fine woods such as cedar and sandalwood, accentuated by vetiver, some patschuli and benzoic resin. "Oxford" stands for a self-deductible, self-worn class, for the noble, which does not make much fuss of itself. Pure understatement!

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Roberto Ugolini's perfumes - for trial

All of this brand's fragrances are also available in sample sizes, which we fill in 8 ml vials. This amount is sufficient for a month's worth of normal consumption. As a result, you can calmly discover in your daily life which fragrance suits you best and what you truly feel comfortable with. This usually does not work well in a perfumery because there is no peace and quiet and there are too many other scents in the air.

The flacons

The flacons by Ugolini have a minimalist design. The cuboid shape is simple and elegant, and each fragrance is differentiated by a different color. The names of the fragrances, which have a label made of the finest leather and a horn closure, always keep the family tradition in mind.

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Meet the Perfumer

Roberto Ugolini's current retail store, which includes both the perfumery and the workshop, opened in the new millennium. Robert Ugolini creates his own fragrances and shoe models. He has a last pair of feet for each of his customers on the shelf. He got into fragrance design because perfumer Herbert Stricker enjoys custom shoes and became one of his customers. That's how the idea for Ugolini's fragrance creations was born.