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Each Sentier fragrance strives to boost confidence in ourselves and inspire us to find our true potential. Ranging from subtle notes to bold blends, this brand has the perfect fragrance for anyone who dares to create their own story. Sentier explores the mobile world of perfume and manages to skillfully dissolve the boundaries between perception and self-discovery. Inspired by the hidden facets of self-discovery, the brand has created a unique collection of fragrances that capture the versatility of the human spirit.

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Parisian Embrace


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A scented wardrobe for everyone

Just like choosing an outfit, we choose a fragrance every day that emphasizes our identity. Sentier's gender-neutral fragrance collection was developed for this reason in the concept of a Perfume Wardrobe - a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional fragrance selection. The fragrances can either be worn individually or layered to create a new scent profile. From fresh, clean scents to warm, sensual compositions, there is something for everyone in this perfume wardrobe - regardless of age or gender.

A fusion of luxury and compassion

Sentier is known for its commitment to natural ingredients and is particularly committed to vegan products. Their perfumes avoid any animal ingredients and animal testing, while offering fragrance experiences that reflect nature in its purest form. Each Sentier perfume boasts a high percentage of naturalness, ranging from 87.92% to an impressive 95.39%. This commitment to natural components not only enhances the fragrance experience, but also underscores the brand's commitment to sustainability.

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