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The Harmonist

Our founder Lola Tillyaeva created The Harmonist with the idea to bring balance through scent: “Beauty is a reflection of our spiritual and mental state, our perfumes act as nurturing tools for our well-being.” Made in France with high concentrations (25 to 36%), every fragrance we create is a celebration of nature and authenticity. We take exceptional care to source the finest ingredients, most of them being from Orpur Label, and we respect the ecology of our ingredients, and the communities that produce them. Our perfumer Guillaume lavigny was compelled to transcend convention in order to create auras that are honest to nature and the five elements. The result is a meticulously considered selection of unique fragrances.

The best selling product of this brand.

Yin Transformation

The Harmonist

best selling product

Perfumes of exceptional quality that evoke feelings of peace and happiness

Sun Force comes out as both fresh and spicy. A sophisticated perfume that conjures exotic citrus notes with saffron, Bulgarian rose and woody that stimulates like the rising Sun. Moon Glory's captivating appeal comes from extraordinary scent notes. Peru balsam, Australian sandalwood, queen-of-the-night, Japanese hinoki wood, and Laotian honey are just a few of the elements that contribute to this fragrance's soulfulness. With its floral and fresh elements, Yin Transformation may be worn all year and inspires the imagination.

With a fragrance sample to calmness and inner harmony

The Harmonist's stimulating perfumes impress with lively compositions that are as mysterious while also being energetic. They represent both the current zeitgeist and an intimate relationship with nature. The fragrances invite you to relax and unwind from the hectic daily routine. It's all about being puddly and at ease in one's own skin and letting one's soul dangle for a while. This feeling of modern, youthful, carefree lightness combined with a love of nature can be recreated and experienced for yourself with an exclusive fragrance sample.

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Meet the creator

Lola Tillyaeva, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, founded The Harmonist. She made it her mission to turn her knowledge of Feng-Shui into creative, forward-thinking, and soulful fragrances. The luxurious perfumes are intended to restore physical, mental, and spiritual balance in their wearers. She wrote a book titled "Be Your Own Harmonist." Lola Tillyaeva creates her distinctive fragrances in collaboration with the renowned and highly experienced perfume master Guillaume Flavigny. All raw materials and ingredients are ethically sourced and of the highest quality, making them ideal for climate and environmental preservation.