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Thomas De Monaco

The luxury label Thomas De Monaco embodies sustainable luxury and consciously without the conventional bling-bling. It is less about ingredients or fragrances and more about honest emotions and authentic perceptions. The interplay of different cultures and a passion for international photography have inspired founder Thomas De Monaco to make this brand particularly approachable and genuine. The aromatherapeutic fragrance selection and the complete production of the perfumes originate in Zurich, the founder's home town.

The best selling product of this brand.

Raw Gold

Thomas De Monaco

best selling product

At the heart of emotionality and authenticity

The story began with Raw Gold - the first perfume that captured the hearts of collectors and connoisseurs and caused a stir in the perfume industry. Thomas De Monaco combines adventure, desire, love and passion in his fragrances and creates unbridled feelings - if only we close our eyes and let them. This brand is all about pure emotion and storytelling that extends beyond the fragrances. Aside from the artistic flacons, the brand also has a lot to offer in terms of feel, which speaks to the founder's love of detail. The outer packaging, for example, is made from compostable cellulose and European hemp paper.

Physical sensations and gender positivity

Thomas De Monaco's focus is on positive emotions that trigger physical reactions. The fragrances are characterized by their radiant intensity and long-lasting effect - created from exquisite raw materials and fascinating molecules. They are all an expression of timeless, creative freedom and embody the precious here and now. Artistic independence, emotional depth and lasting luxury combine to create a modern fragrance experience that knows neither age nor gender. In this context, Thomas De Monaco affectionately calls it "gender-positive" instead of gender-neutral.

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Meet the Creator

Thomas De Monaco is a renowned creative director and photographer with over two decades of experience between the vibrant metropolises of Paris and Zurich. His unique vision is reflected in his collaborations with international premium and luxury brands. Partnerships are extremely important to him and offer the opportunity to get to know the brand in detail. The fragrances are created in his own manufactory, in a historic building built by Gustave Eiffel.