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Ulrich Lang New York

Ulrich Lang is a high-end niche brand that creates scents in tune with modern tastes. To this purpose, the artist and designer has set out to create one-of-a-kind scents based on the work of prominent contemporary independent photographers. New York City's hectic and chaotic atmosphere serves as inspiration for his perfumes. It is immediately apparent that Ulrich Lang's high-end scents are one of a kind, in that they are fresh, modern, informal, and edgy. These scents represent the aspirational, future-focused mindset of Generation Z and post-millennials. In this way, Ulrich Lang differentiates itself from the mainstream.

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Ulrich Lang New York

best selling product

Unique fragrances that capture the many facets of life

For those looking for a scent that can be worn unisex, 17 Nandan Road is a floral-citrus blend with hints of freshness and woodsiness. Apsu, on the other hand, stands out for its emphasis on green, freshness. Lightscape, with its powdered flowers and gentlemen in the limelight. Woodsy and earthy, Nightscape is a masculine fragrance that boldly demands dawn. The woody-spicy notes of Anvers highlight the individuality spirit of its wearer. These fragrances are top-notch examples of their genre, each with its own distinct personality. In this context, sensuality, confidence, and charisma all meet provocative romanticism. These fragrances are the epitome of luxury and class.

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Life is dynamic, everything is developing at a rapid pace. The new generations determine the direction. The perfumes of Ulrich Lang have a very own character, which describe exactly this progress. Erotic, self-confident, but equally provocative and rebellious with a portion of sex appeal and adventurousness - this is how the perfumes describe the wild and exuberant life in the metropolis. With a fragrance sample, exactly this attitude to life can be recreated and enjoyed.

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Meet the creator

Ulrich Lang, a native of southern Germany, has experience as a product manager for well-known brands like L'Oreal and Amaris. Inspiration for his amazing scents came from the extraordinary work of young and visionary photographers and the bustling buzz and bustle of New York City. He founded the Ulrich Lang New York fragrance company in 2002. His fragrances give off a feeling of youthful freedom, unbridled imagination, and boundless possibilities.