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Une Nuit Nomade

Une Nuit Nomade is a luxury fragrance brand that is as unique and lavish as it is modern and forward-thinking. The youthful dynamism that these perfumes exude reflects the current trend. It's about letting go of old baggage, enjoying every day, and expressing yourself as seductive and mysterious.

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Bohemian Soul

Une Nuit Nomade

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Each fragrance conveys its own unique meaning

Ambre Khandjar is a spicy-resinous blend with oriental and sweet undertones that is extremely appetizing. Jardins de Misfah, on the other hand, combines spicy and sweet flavors. The name Suma Oriental says it all, as it exudes oriental and spicy aromas. Mr. Vetiver is a premium men's fragrance with spicy-woody notes. Fleur des Fleurs is a floral-sweet fragrance for women that is reminiscent of a romantic night in Bali. Sun Bleached, with its creamy and floral notes, is also aimed at the feminine side. With spicy and oriental nuances, the unisex fragrance Click Song reflects the atmosphere of a night in Cape Town. Nothing but Sea and Sky exudes minimalism, as it contains only three fragrance components and exudes a woody-fresh feel-good sensation. Memory Motel allures spicy and sweet desires.

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Une Nuit Nomade is aimed at the young and rebellious people who are changing this world so decisively. Luxury perfumes are the implementation of the most diverse influences from all over the world. The fragrances trigger soulful moods, call to present self-confidence and accept new challenges with open arms. Une Nuit Nomade stands for a carefree lightness, youth, and adventurousness, for curiosity, and for tender moments of love - an innovative and visionary concept that breaks completely new ground.

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Meet the creators

Alexandra Cubizolles and Philippe Solas, the founders of Une Nuit Nomade, have made it their mission to create luxury fragrances that captivate the imagination and transport you away from everyday life. It's all about pleasure, seduction, and a modern way of life filled with romantic experiences. The company's mission statement: The perfumes should awaken a desire to travel the world from continent to continent in search of the next adventure and sensorial experiences. Une Nuit Nomade's perfumes are a clear invitation to enjoy life and break free from shackles.