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Urban Scents

Urban Scents is one of the most well-known perfume brands in Berlin. The midnight blue bottles with the brand's propeller logo are distinctive. The bottles are handcrafted in glassworks in France. The fragrances of Urban Scents are creative, vibrant, and experimental in every way. At the same time, they are exclusive luxury perfumes with over 15% fragrance content in the eau de parfums. Urban Scents' creators regard their creations as works of perfume art. Each perfume contains at least 30 and up to 60 ingredients. The fragrances are created in Berlin and mixed in the famous perfume capital Grass in France in a small perfume factory. Among the most successful perfumes of Urban Scents is Desert Rose, a floral spicy fragrance for men and women from 2014, and Gunpowder Cologne from 2014 will please ladies and gentlemen who like green and fresh scents.

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Urban Scents

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Urban Scents fragrance samples

Urban Scents' exclusive fragrances are a piece of luxury; they accompany us and highlight our individuality. The Urban Scents samples are intended to help you find the perfect fragrance. They have a smaller amount of the respective fragrance and are less expensive.

The vision of Urban Scents

When perfumer Marie Urban Le Febvre and her husband Alexander Urban founded the Urban Scents label, she had a clear vision. She wished to resurrect traditional French perfumery while incorporating the modern spirit of Berlin's vibrant metropolis. It's no coincidence that the label's flagship store is in Berlin's Charlottenburg neighborhood, which is home to a slew of art galleries. After all, the fragrances created by Urban Scents are works of fragrance art. The logo of the brand is a propeller, which can be seen on every bottle of the label. The founders of Urban Scents see themselves as passionate pilots exploring unknown lands or new worlds of fragrance. As a result, the propeller, whose blades catch the air in flight, has become the Berlin label's symbol.

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Meet the Perfumer

arie Urban Le Febvre is a perfumer from France. In 2014, she and her Austrian husband, Alexander Urban, decided to relocate to Berlin. The location was chosen with care because Berlin embodies her vision of a modern and vibrant metropolis. In 2014, they established the Urban Scents brand in the city of their dreams.