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Wilgermain offers a carefully assembled collection of exceptional fragrances, drawing inspiration from the modernity and avant-garde of the US, as well as from classic sophistication and French savoir-faire. Thus, both Paris, the City of Lights, and NYC, the Big Apple, are the brand's undisputed role models. This luxury perfume house, founded independently of fashions and trends, to create a new expression of contemporary luxury in the world of perfumery. The goal of the brand is to cover a wide range of lifestyles and fragrance themes. Each composition is unique, yet they all have something in common: a masterful mix, high-tech precision, an unparalleled olfactory aesthetic and a perfectly calibrated fragrance message. Deeply inspired by the style and character of the cities of Paris and New York, those fragrances were born that reflect these distinctive attractions of the City of Love (Paris) and the Big Apple (NYC).

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best selling product

Spanish haute perfumes with attention to detail

The brand offers a range of timeless fragrances with modern flair and international appeal. With international aspirations and a desire to become universal, every detail of Wilgermain fragrances is thoughtfully crafted in both Europe and the US by traditional artisans using eco-friendly components

Modern abstraction in the bottle

A sophisticated metal cap made of fine Zamak-5 completes the elegant look of the bottle. The shape is reminiscent of the bolts and screws that hold both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Eiffel Tower together. Modern, high design, abstraction and historical references all combined in a timeless bottle

Meet the creator

Wilgermain was born when the world-renowned perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, met Francisco Gratacós, its founder and CEO. Their goal is to capture the many different lifestyles. Rodrigo Flores-Roux a multi-award winning perfumer who can call several FiFi Awards his own, among others, is the exclusive perfumer of Wilgermain.