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A seeming interplay of echoing light, clarity and darkness. Two opposing forces that create contrast and harmony. Femininity as well as masculinity dancing together to the rhythm of drums or the gentle crackling of embers. The smell and image of a black layer of paint dripping onto the canvas, and at the same time the sparkle of diamonds on a black leather dress. This perfume is a true masterpiece.

What is behind the fragrance?

"I am an absolute fan, even a lover of Caravaggio's paintings. Few other painters capture my imagination as much as his dark and dramatic compositions. When I stand in front of his works, I sometimes ask myself: If this painting were a perfume, what would it smell like? Perhaps this is an imperfect, fragrant portrait of what I have in mind when I admire a Caravaggio." -Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux

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