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Exclusive, captivating, and with an inseparable link between art and nature: the universe of luxury perfumes from the house of Xerjoff impresses with extravagant perfume creations with a strong presence. With olfactory notes of nature carefully selected and amalgamated in a refined and pleasant way, they give that extraordinary character to Xerjoff creations for both men and women. This is how entire universes of unique and luxurious fragrances have been created, true to the company's "Naturae Xquisite" philosophy. Xerjoff perfumes are optically sophisticated thanks to their artistically designed bottles, which contribute to an exquisite experience of their noble compositions. The peculiar aesthetics of Xerjoff perfumes are a reflection of the ideal of beauty. Through its collections, Sergio Momo's Italian luxury brand creates an enveloping and sensual universe characterized by the treasures of nature, the fascination of art, and an imposing glamour. Similarly, the unisex perfumes impress with exceptional quality. The synergy of natural components in its perfumes is one of the bases of Xerjoff's creations. All this results in refined compositions that can be as seductive and jovial as they are romantic, energetic, and raw.

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Rebecca Johansson

Absolutely love this! A luxery "Juicy fruit" bubblegum. Can't wait to were this in the summer!

Casamorati Dolce Amalfi



This is a gorgeous perfume!!!Smells exactly like a sweet lemon pie! No wonder why it's called one of the best gourmands out there! I highly reccomend trying it.

Casamorati Lira


Steve Ayres

This is a tobacco fragrance sweetned by honey and creamy tonka, with a hint of tart bergamot. Most noticable on first spraying is the bergamot, some lavender, and a floral touch of jasmine; but quite quickly the honey and tobacco are prominent. The perfume is of very high quality and the presentation box is stunning. This is a fragrance of the mediterranean, a warm breeze on a summer day with the one you love.



Mia Johansson

Lovely! Fruity! Powerfull and lasts forever.

Erba Pura



This is the queen of vanillas. A beautifully blended citrus opening giving way to a heady boozy vanilla. Never too sweet or sickly, just a perfect gourmand that’s full bottle worthy. Yes, I bought the full bottle after trying it out and I love it. For those who remember the original L de Lolita, this is very similar to the vintage Lempicka.

Casamorati Lira


The best selling product of this brand.



best selling product

Xerjoff perfume: nature, art, and luxury

The term "Naturae Xquisite" is the element that governs all Xerjoff creations. Along with glamorous, nature-inspired fragrance compositions, it is the premium natural ingredients and bottles made from naturally sourced materials with which Xerjoff lives up to this philosophy. The handmade bottles are handcrafted to highlight the perfumes' artistic storyline.

Iconic Xerjoff pieces from its various collections

The universe of Xerjoff fragrances is as versatile as nature and beauty itself. The Italian brand offers much to discover in its numerous collections. One example is the Xerjoff Casamorati and V collections, with the vintage charm of Xerjoff Italica and the refreshing and lively nuance of Xerjoff Erba Pura.

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Meet the Perfumer

Sergio Momo's main sources of inspiration are beauty and luxury. The Turin-born Italian turned his olfactory dreams into reality with the creation of his brand in 2004. Hand in hand with designer Dominique Salvo, whose visual work plays an important role in the Xerjoff Universe, Momo has managed to embody, to date, his niche perfumes for individualists and lovers of art and aesthetics.