Perfume Playlists

Our finest selection of fragrances according to mood and occasion or scent type.
  • Attract Perfumes for her

    Attract Perfumes for her

    With this fragrance choice, you'll undoubtedly jump on the "you smell so good" train. Be careful, because these sweet and floral notes create a captivating aura around you that will make your counterpart go crazy for you.

  • Treat Yourself perfumes for her

    Treat Yourself perfumes for her

    For the perfect feel-good atmosphere, a perfume can help that particularly relaxes you or with which you associate positive, pleasant memories. This selection of fragrances has a positive effect on your well-being and good mood.

  • Top 10 fragrances for her

    Top 10 fragrances for her

    From fresh to floral, sweet to woody - these are our 10 most popular women's perfumes. You can't go wrong with these, especially if you want to try them out or are just starting your fragrance journey.

  • Party fragrances for women

    Party fragrances for women

    Whether it's a festival, bar or club - you don't just want to smell good, you also want to be noticed? We have selected perfumes for you that will last through a night of dancing and draw attention to you. From fruity, sweet to spicy, everything is included.

  • Date fragrances for women

    Date fragrances for women

    You want to enchant your counterpart, seduce and even more? We have selected 10 date perfumes for you, which will help you. Here you find a selection of intense fragrances from the spicy, fruity, sweet and floral fragrance families.

  • Office fragrances for women

    Office fragrances for women

    For the office: less is more! Here you will find a selection of 10 women's perfumes for the office, which emphasize your femininity but do not seem too intrusive. You can expect fresh fragrances, with a light to medium intensity and scents of white flowers, citrus, powder and sea breeze.