Valentine's Day Gift Set for both

A perfume gift set for you and your loved one! Say "I love you" by sharing something special

Value of products included: 108

PAFORY Members pay:

49.95 € /1 piece, incl. tax

Not a PAFORY Member yet?

59.95 € /1 piece, incl. tax

This set includes 2 female perfumes, 2 male perfumes & 2 cases

Sensual - Maison Micallef - 8ml Sample

1992 Purple Night - Les Bains Guerbois - 8ml Sample

lethe - Ulrich Lang New York - 8ml Sample

Guilty Pleasure - Hate Me Love Me - 8ml Sample

2x White PAFORY Cases

Additional features can be explored:

Hidden message to say "I love you"

A ribbon that can be turned into wristbands

Unique unboxing experience

Only limited number available!

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