Perfume gift set Woody


Are you a fan of personal gifts that your loved ones can experience and test directly? Then our Gift Kit is the perfect gift for you!


  • 8ml fragrances (amount can vary from kits), pre-selected by perfume experts

  • stylish cases in different colors (amount can vary from kits)

  • Premium Box for your unboxing experience


For the modern man of today, we have two stunning men's fragrances in our luggage.

Wooden fragrances are beloved classics. Every man likes to wear them, they are the perfect companion and always a very good choice. They also radiate incredible warmth and sensuality. Woody men's fragrances are thoroughly masculine. They are suitable for everyday life, as well as the evening and give their wearer a certain charm.   This gift set includes:
  • Two woody bestseller fragrances in size 8ml (=120 sprays).
  • A free case for on the go. This protects your fragrance from light and breakage.
  • Fragrance presentation in the YUNIQU gift box.
  So what are you waiting for - surprise your loved ones with a very special fragrance experience!   P.S. For more fragrance gifts click here

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