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Blend Oud

Oud blend - a journey through time Here, millennia-old traditions of Arabian perfume masters are carried out with time-honored craftsmanship and the finest raw materials. As a result, an extraordinary perfume collection of pure luxury that knows no bounds and delights both men and women has been created. All of the brand's fragrances are made and bottled entirely in Italy. Blend Oud is inspired by Arabian perfume masters and their noble gestures, particularly the patience and methodology involved in blending exceptional and rare raw materials. A precious, one-of-a-kind culture centered on Southeast Asia's precious oudh. A rare natural gift with a deep and warming aroma.

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Lovely, uplifting, feminine perfume. Very recommandable & full bottle worthy!


Blend Oud

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Oud Zanzibar

Blend Oud

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Pure oud - liquid gold

The brand honors one of the most iconic ingredients in the history of perfume: oud. A raw material that has enthralled people for thousands of years because of its warmth, incredible depth, and enveloping aroma. The resin oud is derived from the evergreen eaglewood tree. Because of its rarity, oud is often referred to as liquid gold. This seductive and intriguing fragrance has long been sought after as an ingredient in a wide range of perfumes.

The soul of a treasured tradition

The fragrances are the epitome of the brand's spirituality and origins. These are linked to the creation of each blended oud perfume and result in an experience previously available only in the Arab world. It is about tasting and comprehending the true soul of a fragrance in all of its nuances. The fragrances' unisex nature represents, above all, an agreement with nature, from which oud is derived. Because "nature is the mother of all, and all love her."