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Isabey is a prestigious niche brand specializing in exclusive luxury fragrances. The elegant perfumes are a reflection of the Parisian high society of the 1920s. Glamour, an opulent lifestyle and pure indulgence were the inspiration for the fascinating fragrances, which to this day envelop each wearer in an unmistakable aura. The fragrances have been revised and adapted over time - but the charm, the unique effect and the pleasant lasting impression have remained until today.

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A captivating scent that grabs attention for its gourmet focus is Tendre Nuit from the Isabey house. This fragrance is especially suited for the fall and winter seasons thanks to its powdery, flowery, spicy, and heavy oriental undertones. The sweet, flowery, and powdery notes of Lys Noir, on the other hand, enchant. This scent, which pays homage to the "Black Lily," impresses with an above-average longevity.

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Desarrollar un nuevo perfume de lujo es una tarea exigente y lleva mucho tiempo. Isabey sólo emplea a maestros perfumistas que saben cómo procesar las esencias de alta calidad y los aceites más preciados. En un delicado trabajo manual, las notas individuales se ajustan perfectamente entre sí y se combinan en una noble fragancia de lujo. Con una exclusiva muestra de la fragancia se puede determinar si el perfume armoniza con la propia química corporal. Así, se puede probar la nueva fragancia favorita en un ambiente tranquilo y relajado.

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In 1924, the "Société Parisienne d'Essences rares et de Parfums", i.e. the "Parisian Society for Rare Essences and Perfumes", was founded by Maurice Loewe. He thus hit the trend of the time, and just a few months later he opened his first retail store. Loewe was a friend of romantic art, so he named his perfumery after the painter Eugène Isabey. The company even won highly endowed prizes with various luxury fragrances. Not only the exquisite fragrance compositions, but also the elaborately designed and mouth-blown flacons by Julien Viard helped the company to great success. World War II initially spelled the end of the perfume house, but in 2006 Isabey was revived by the Panouge perfume company. They brought the stylish classics into the modern era and gave them a new shine.