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Start your journey with 50% off and a free case
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500+ (and counting) perfumes of exciting brands are waiting to be discovered.

Newcomers are added on a weekly basis to always stay on top of what is hot, popular and asked by you.

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Our promise to you: Only Originals

At PAFORY you only get original fragrances, directly from the brands - no dupes, no fakes.

We officially collaborate with the brands, producers or distributions and receive products directly from the original source. You can be guaranteed to receive 100% authentic and original scent. PAFORY works as official bottler, producer and retailer, you have our word.

It’s your personal journey

By using the Perfume Finder, you start your individual scent Profile.

Develop it further along your journey through the perfumes you pick and the reviews you write.

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Why pafory?

We are transforming the way you discover new perfume.

The world of fragrances offers an almost infinite variety. Countless perfumes from big and small brands exist on the market and new ones are added every week. How are you supposed to make sense of it all? We are your eyes and ears in the market and connect you with the fragrances that suit you - risk-free, affordable, sustainable.

Having a "signature scent" is old school, today the principle of the perfume wardrobe applies! After all, you don't wear the same top in every weather, every mood or every occasion.

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Start your journey with 50% off and a free case
Become a Member for 8,97€