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J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is well-known for creating luxurious fragrances that have already inspired the royal family of the time. The exquisite perfumes present themselves as self-assured, passionate, dynamic, and audacious. These elegant fragrances, as diverse as life itself, are inspired by Berlin's capital. J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin's unisex fragrances provide both ladies and gentlemen with a variety of impressions of what this fascinating world metropolis has to offer.

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Leder 6

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Leder 6 by Schwarzlose Berlin is a modern interpretation of the blackless fragrance "Spanish leather", reinvented here as an oriental leather fragrance. Leather is a fetish – a fetish is an object to which magical powers are attributed; an object of desire. So this special fragrance is also inspired by the Berlin fetish scene.
Sensual desire: leather notes & saffron blossom Fantastic Dream: Enveloping Milk & Pure Vanilla: Jungle Essence™ Dark Wilderness: Frankincense & Japanese Storax Resin

What is behind the fragrance Leder 6?

Schwarzlose Berlin Leder 6 brings the traditional character of the early composition from 1921 into the modern age. The wild base note of frankincense and Japanese storax resin was taken from "Spanish leather" and represents the wicked eroticism of the old days. With the sensual leather notes and the saffron blossom in the top note, Leder 6 as an exciting new perfume combines the traditions of fragrance production with the wild Berlin nights of today. The instinctual, which never lets the city sleep, is shown in the animalistic character of the leathery top note. The gently enveloping heart note of milk and pure vanilla surprises. As is often the case with J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin, it complements the first impression of the fragrance and evokes warmth and sensuality. Leder 6 thus becomes a wicked, heavy fragrance whose mysterious and mysterious composition cannot be escaped.

Schwarzlose Berlin

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is a German luxury perfume brand founded in 1856 as a family business. Today, Schwarzlose occupies a formative place in the perfume industry with 11 different fragrances, awards such as the Art and Olfaction Award and worldwide distribution with its presence in department stores such as Berlin's KaDeWe, Le Parfum in Vienna, Fortnum & Mason in London or Scent Bar in Los Angeles. You can find out more about the brand here.

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Exclusive fragrances with unique stories

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin's unisex fragrances envelop every person in a mysterious, passionate, and vivacious aura. Berlin's pulsating life is reflected in these fragrance creations. The intoxication has a spicy-woody flavor profile, whereas the 20|20 has floral and fruity notes. The unusual name of the sporty and modern perfume IA-33 refers to a location at the time. The letter I represents the territory of Prussia, while the letter A represents the administrative district of Berlin. At the time, the Wedding district was designated by the number 3, and the Moabit sub-district was designated by the number 33. As a result, some of J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin's exclusive perfumes contain small, cleverly hidden messages.

Experience the atmosphere of Berlin with a sample

Many steps are required for the creation of such an elegant and passionate fragrance. Designers collaborate with master perfumers here. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the noble fragrance creations, so the fragrances of J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin impress with their above-average durability and intense sillage. We provide samples of these unique fragrances so that your new favorite scent can be thoroughly tested and experienced on your own skin.

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Conosci il Profumiere

"The Berlin family business J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin has a history that dates back to 1856." Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose began his career as a piano maker, but he found his calling in a drug and colonial goods store and rose to the position of royal court supplier. He began to create his own extraordinary fragrances that were both authentic and luxurious, as well as cosmopolitan and in keeping with the spirit of the times. The company made it through the war and several name changes. In 1965, Peter Schwarzlose, the grandson, sold the entire J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin to Mouson. The luxurious brand was, and continues to be, a firm authority in the world of fine perfumes.