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3 elegant late summer fragrances

By Hannah Werneth

Bye bye summer!

September: the golden month between the seasons, which still looks like summer but actually already smells a little like colorful leaves, especially in the evening hours. Summer is slowly coming to an end – it’s getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and also our fragrances are changing to this transition. That’s why today we’re introducing you to perfumes that are perfect for late summer or fall. Fragrances with which you can really enjoy the last rays of sunshine again before autumn begins. They are no longer quite as fresh and light as our summer fragrances, but a little more elegant, sweeter and heavier. Convince yourselves with pleasure of it!





Jacques Zolty – Private Session

«A tribute to my life as a photographer. During a shoot, when you work alone with your muse, a unique scene takes place: the birth of a soul. «The fragrance is a hymn to femininity, skin and beauty,» says Jacques Zolty about this sweet seduction of creamy vanilla notes and cream. Together with fruity lemon and raspberry, the fragrance works with spicy notes such as cedar and anise. Ideal for those who like it sweet.


Olfactive Studio – Woody Mood

Beguiling and intense. The fragrance contains notes that reflect the immensity of monstrous redwoods. In this composition, height, depth and density are skillfully used. A clear and at the same time hypnotic light, which definitely arouses curiosity: Bright notes of bergamot and ginger pave the way – then an accord of redwoods, black tea, incense and jatamansi (Indian nard) settles on the composition. These are followed by the final magic of styrax notes, leather and patchouli.


Le Galion – Sortilège

Sortilège perfume from the house of Le Galion is a woody-floral composition of aldehydic floral notes. The combination of lily of the valley, lilac, jasmine, narcissus, Turkish rose and iris exudes pure elegance. A fragrance for the mysterious and confident woman. When we think of this fragrance, we think of intense, chic, sensual and distinguished.




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