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What are molecular fragrances and what makes them special?

By Nicolas Frank

What are molecular fragrances?

They mostly consist of a few molecular fragrances such as Iso E-Super, Ambroxan and Cashmeran. These are produced synthetically in the laboratory and are odourless in the bottle itself. Only on the wearer’s skin does its effect unfold and this individually depending on one’s own body odour. Often, molecular fragrances are also said to have a pheromonic effect, which is said to have a particularly attractive effect on the other person. On the skin they usually last longer than normal fragrances and have a subtle and clear fragrance character. However, you can’t see them after a very short time. The situation is quite different with the environment. Even hours after application, the aura of the wearer is perceived and one is often addressed to this unique smell.

Known molecular fragrances

Well-known brands for molecular fragrances are Escentric Molecules from Berlin, Zarkoperfume from Denmark and Aether Parfum from Paris. Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules, developed by the perfumer Geza Schön, for example, is a molecular fragrance consisting of a single fragrance, Iso E Super. The smell is difficult to describe: intense, warm, with a woody touch.

Molecular fragrances from the brand Aether Parfum

The young French brand Aether Parfum was founded in Paris in 2016 and is still a real insider tip for modern molecular fragrances. In total, the brand comprises 11 molecular fragrances, which have been created in collaboration with well-known perfumers such as Nicolas Chabot, Amelie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Beverley Bayne.

The Supraem Collection by Aether Parfum

The Supraem collection by Aether, released in 2018, consists of 4 unisex fragrances. These include Hypaer, Supaer, Ultrae and Xtraem. In addition, two more new products are to be completed in 2019 by the Supraem collection of the aether parfum – Suprae and Aextra. What all the fragrances in the Supraem collection have in common is the woody touch. This ranges from a sun-dried, intense wooden character as in Ultrae to a subtle, barely perceptible floral-woody note as in Xtraem. Even if it is sometimes not easy to put the fragrance character of molecular fragrances into words and one should best experience it on your own skin, we dare to try.

Ultrae by Aether Parfum (Wooden – Metallic)

The basis of Aether Ultrae are strong aldehyde molecules. These give the molecular fragrance the fragrance character of dry heat, such as hot iron or stone in a sauna.

Hypaer by Aether Parfum (Soft – Fresh – Woody)

A sensual, light and fresh fragrance based on cashmere, obtained from the synthetic fragrance Cashmeran. This gives the fragrance its soft and sensual touch, underlined by a warm musk and light woods.

Xtraem by Aether Parfum (Flowery – Radiant – Musk)

Light floral notes meet a discreet base of musk and wood. A fragrance that unites opposites in itself and probably therefore seems so different sensual and seductive.

Supaer by Aether Parfum (Clean – Woody – Sensual)

Strong woody notes of the fragrance molecule Akigalawood meet a nuance of “clean” and merge. The result, a mysterious and attractive fragrance for both sexes.

Already in previous years, 7 molecular fragrances appeared from Aether Parfum, including aetheroxyde (ether oxyde), carboneum, celluloid, citrus ester, methaldone, muskethanol and the popular Rose Alcane. Here’s another blog post you can look forward to.

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