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What are molecular fragrances and what makes them special?

By Hannah Werneth

Molecular fragrances consist either exclusively of synthetic molecular structures or of a combination of synthetic and natural fragrances. They often contain Iso E super, ambroxan or cashmeran, which are synthetically produced in the laboratory. In the bottle itself, they are odorless – only on the skin do their individual effects unfold in relation to one’s own body odor.

Molecular perfumes take the art of perfumers to a new level, focusing on minimalism and the character of the wearer. What is special about the fragrances is that they emphasize one’s own body odor and have a clean, clear scent character. In addition, they have a pheromonal (arousing) effect, which is particularly attractive to the other person. On the skin, they often last longer than normal fragrances.

Well-known brands for molecular fragrances are, for example, Escentric Molecules from Berlin and Aether Parfums from Paris, both of which are available at PAFORY. This post is about Aether – what makes the brand tick and which fragrances we recommend.



The Supraem Collection by Aether

The French brand Aether Parfums was founded in Paris in 2016 and since then has stood for conceptual fragrances made from the finest synthetic molecules. A real insider’s tip for modern molecule perfumes, some of which have been created in collaboration with famous perfumers such as Nicolas Chabot, Amelie Bourgeois, Anne-Sophie Behaghel, Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Beverley Bayne, for example.

Released in 2018, Aether’s Supraem collection consists of woody unisex fragrances – including Hypaer, Supaer, Ultrae and Xtraem. They range from a sun-dried, intense woody character as in Ultrae to a subtle and floral woody note as in Xtraem.

Although it is not easy to put the fragrance character of molecular fragrances into words, and it is best experienced on your skin yourself, we dare to try:




The basis of Ultrae are powerful aldehydic molecules. These give the molecular fragrance the intense character of dry heat – almost like hot iron or stones in a sauna. The fragrance has a glowing effect and also has synthetic notes that pleasantly combine with its fresh, metallic essence.




A light and fresh fragrance that contains precious cashmere – obtained from the synthetic fragrance Cashmeran. This gives the perfume a very soft, fresh and sensual note – underlined by a warm musk portion and light, pure woods.






Light, floral notes meet subtle chords of musk and wood in Xtraem. A fragrance that combines opposites in itself, and therefore shines so seductively. The contained fruits also give the whole a freshness kick, which harmonizes very well with the purity of the molecules.




Strong, woody notes of the fragrance molecule Akigalawood meet refreshing, clean nuances and blend together. The result: a mysterious and attractive fragrance that is simply unique with hints of amber and a metallic, sensual emphasis.





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