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Our top 3 New Year’s Eve fragrances

By Hannah Werneth

New year, new fragrance

On New Year’s Eve, we want to wear a fragrance with that certain something. One that is intense, seductive and glamorous at the same time. Our New Year’s fragrance should also bring a strong durability on the skin and radiate particularly much power, after all, our counterpart should also perceive us. Whether for a party, a cozy meal with friends or maybe even for a New Year’s date: Today it’s all about New Year’s Eve fragrances! We show you which luxury perfumes you can use to attract attention.





Schwarzlose Berlin – Rausch

An exciting and sensual fragrance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin, which represents the nightlife of the German capital Berlin. Cypriol, patchouli and vanilla bean fragrance oil embody warm, woody notes stimulated with red pepper. Amber and oud provide irresistible charms, which also express the dark and mysterious club scene of Berlin. A truly intoxicating perfume – a creation that acts like a mirror of modern Berlin!


Maison Micallef – Delice

Aromatic and mysterious, Delice is an oriental, woody fragrance, which brings a tremendous sensuality and is very mysterious. The exquisite orange brings a fresh, invigorating touch, while the contained pink pepper gives the appearance a gentle, pleasant spiciness. Very elegant is the contained rose, which is rounded off with a cinnamon nuance. For an experience of love and passion – for a trip to an aromatic paradise.


Initio – Oud for Greatness

Mystical, sacred, even almost magical: highly concentrated and with the finest natural oud oil, Oud for Greatness is a particularly prestigious perfume with an expressive signature. Blended with notes of lavender and saffron, the fragrance offers an exceptionally intense experience and seduces with its uniqueness. Oud – for happiness, harmony and healing, strengthens the mental and spiritual condition by creating balance, promoting inner peace and personal growth.




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