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Here you will find the most beautiful vanilla fragrances for women

By Nicolas Frank

Vanilla fragrances have a special effect! They have an aphrodisi-irend effect, make you happy and want more. The big advantage: Vanilla fragrances don’t make you fat!

Vanilla fragrances awaken the most beautiful childhood memories of baking during the Christmas season. You know, when you snared the dough straight out of the bowl, because it was also very tasty raw. In summer, fragrances with vanilla can be worn just as well. Vanilla fragrances can take you mentally to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Cream cocktails with vanilla syrup and delicious honeymelon… mmhhh. Fancy more? Today I want to show you how multifaceted vanilla fragrances can be and maybe I want to try your interest in trying one of the fragrances. In the perfume environment, vanilla is often used in the base note. This keeps the sweet, delicious fragrance for hours. The most varied fragrance compositions can sometimes contain vanilla. This does not mean that the perfume is dominated by it. As a gentle companion, she gives a certain charm to a wide variety of perfumes.

Since I am an absolute vanilla fragrance fan, I would like to give you my 4 favorite vanilla fragrances vor or. They could hardly be more different. I want to show you how diverse this ingredient can be in a perfume. Especially the combination with other ingredients makes a vanilla scent so interesting.

And now we come to my first vanilla scent:

Addictive Vibration by Initio

A thoroughly sweet fragrance composition with vanilla note in the base. A perfume with fruit chords through apple and orange blossom with honey. Who doesn’t think directly of candied fruits or roast apples? But also musk in the base provides a pleasant and warm feeling. I actually preferred to wear addictive vibration in winter. A fruity sweetness that beautifies the day in the cold season. And I can tell you – Addictive Vibration keeps what the name promises. As I mentioned earlier, vanilla fragrances have an aphrodisive effect. This also applies to this perfume. With Addictive Vibration from Initio, you are guaranteed to attract a man or a woman. It is difficult to stay away from this scent of goodies.

La Danza delle Lubellule by Nobile 1942

A completely different vanilla scent like the one I just described to you comes from the house of Nobile 1942. Vanilla is a dominant ingredient here. A feminine Gourmand fragrance that is supposed to bring the girl to life in every woman. That’s exactly what the story behind the perfume is. La Danza Delle Libellule is a fresh fragrance with apple, coconut, cinnamon and spicy vanilla. You can wear it all year round. At Nobile 1942, pure and natural essences are used. The special thing about the brand: Each bottle bears a handwritten dedication and thus underlines the uniqueness of the production.

Safanad of Parfums de Marly

An elegant, floral fragrance for the adult woman. Here you will find sweet notes of sweet oranges and pears. The base opens up stormily with aromatic ambra, strong sandalwood and finely fragrant, seductive vanilla. It rounds off the fiery temperament into an elegant and feminine fragrance. No party scent at all. More suitable for a romantic evening in the restaurant. Safanad is also a vanilla fragrance from Parfums de Marley, which can be worn all year round. I personally would only wear it during the day in autumn and winter, as it is a little too heavy for me, for the summer.

Tanit by Profumi Di Pantelleria

Now we get to the summer cracker badly! I present you Tanit from the brand Profumi di Pantelleria. TANIT, named after the Phoenician goddess of fertility, welcomes us with fruits red as love and sweet as pleasure: mandarin, melon, orange and strawberry, rounded off with a powerful cassis kick and a fine powder hint paired with a unique vanilla scent. The scent of the eternally feminine. This scent reminds me directly of the warm sun on the skin on a walk to the nearest beach bar – fitting: a refreshing cocktail with strawberry and creamy coconut. Already thirsty? I do!

These were my favorite vanilla scents. All year round, they fit into my personal fragrance wardrobe. I hope I could give you an insight into these multifaceted fragrance creations. And I can’t deny it – scents with vanilla fascinate me again and again and have never disappointed me.

However, my absolute vanilla scent favourite is the vanilla scent of Initio – Addictive Vibration.

Which vanilla scents have enchanted you so far? Let me know.

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You deserve to smell it stunning!