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Popular perfumes & our alternatives

By Hannah Werneth

Perfumes that smell like…

Today, we will introduce you to fragrances that are very similar to prominent fragrance creations. However, this is not about presenting cheap dupes or fragrance twins. We show you luxurious fragrances that smell similar to well-known perfumes, but are super special and unique in comparison! This way, you can get your bearings on which scents you might like and get alternatives that not everyone has for sure.

On our YouTube channel, by the way, there are already videos specifically on the topic of designer fragrances and alternatives. If you need more choice, you can take a look there.





Candy – Prada

Anyone who has smelled Candy knows that the perfume really smells like Candy. Delox by Tiziana Terenzi is also a real sugar explosion, but unlike Candy, a light floral note is added here. The hypnotic power of white hyacinth is lost here together with royal iris. The fragrance is embraced by sweet myrrh and roasted coffee, while noble amber and cypress notes form the base. A fragrance of unadulterated lightheartedness and at the same time powerful, intoxicating notes.


Alien – Mugler

This fragrance is probably one of the most loved and worn fragrances ever. Surely you know at least one person who loves or has worn Alien by Mugler. Our alternative to this perfume is Glamour by Maison Micallef, a floral-sweet fragrance with tangy fruit accents. Both perfumes are dominated by woods and jasmine notes, which makes the two really similar. Glamour differs minimally from Alien because of the spices it contains, as you can additionally smell out amber accents in the latter. Nevertheless, Glamour is almost a perfect blind buy if you like Alien.


The One For Her – Dolce & Gabanna

The One For Her is a floral fragrance, but it goes in the sweet and fruity direction. Our alternative to The One For Her is Safanad by Parfums de Marly. A very elegant and feminine perfume with lovely and fruity notes, but also delicate orange blossom, iris and soft ylang ylang. Both fragrances are super glamorous and fall into the same niche due to their floral-sweet composition. So if you like the Dolce & Gabanna fragrance, you should definitely give Safanad a try.


Fame – Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne has created Fame, a fresh mango fragrance with a good dose of fruit sweetness. If you like Fame, you might like Sunplosion by Simone Andreoli – the fragrance that embodies the Hawaiian sun. Just like Fame, this perfume focuses on fresh fruits. Because Sunplosion is a bit more restrained and doesn’t refer to mango specifically, there are of course small differences in the scent. Still, both are really similar to each other and ideal if you’re into summer fruit scents.


Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel

An equally big favorite in the designer fragrance world is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. For decades, the fragrance has been worn up and down, which eventually becomes appropriately boring. Instead of this perfume, you could try Summer 69 by Gas Bijoux. The fragrances are similar in their sweet-floral scent base, with a fresh lemon note standing out in Gas Bijoux. Overall, both are nevertheless of the same fragrance type and are very reminiscent of each other.




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