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How to find your perfect scent

By Alex C.

Not that easy to find the right perfume

Testing different fragrances in a perfumery within a few minutes is almost impossible, since all facets of a perfume can never be captured due to the many scent impressions. Those who test fragrances here can only determine the first prelude. Already with testing a second perfume, the scent molecules are mixed and distort the respective message of the perfumes.

If you order on the Internet, it makes sense to read in beforehand so that you get an impression of the fragrance and can rule out and favor scents based on scent notes or customer reviews. For this purpose, we have written detailed descriptions of each of our perfumes, explaining fragrance notes, intensity and special features, which can be filtered out during the search.

By the way, depending on the season, fragrances are often lighter or heavier. In summer, many prefer rather light or fresh-floral fragrances. In contrast, some like to wear heavy, spicy scents in the winter. It’s helpful to know which scents you generally like to narrow down your search.



Testing perfumes takes a lot of time

In order to actively experience each fragrance phase, it is best to test a new fragrance over the course of an entire day, as it takes time to fully develop. This works best in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. After all, a first-class wine is not drunk within seconds and then evaluated. A good perfume wants to be enjoyed. It wants to develop in peace and quiet and slowly rise to its peak form.

Be sure to try perfume on your skin. Fragrances falsify on test strips, as they develop differently depending on skin type – after all, everyone has their own body chemistry. Warm areas of the body such as the neck or wrists are best suited for application. A little tip: Apply a neutral oil or cream to the areas you are perfuming. On this basis, perfumes are even more stable and change more slowly between the different notes.

In addition to the body temperature, the fragrance pyramid, i.e. the top, heart and base notes, also has an influence on the development of the perfume. These build on each other and only together form the complete fragrance experience.

But how can it be determined whether the fragrance even meets personal desires and expectations? Buying a luxury perfume is comparable to buying a piece of fine jewelry. Everything must fit, the fragrance must convince – after all, the senses want to be intoxicated.



Anziehendes Parfum für sie



The solution: an exclusive fragrance sample

PAFORY offers perfume samples of over 500 noble and high-quality perfumes of renowned luxury niche brands. This way, the perfume can be applied at home at leisure and their unfolding can be witnessed. Hour by hour it becomes clear whether the fragrance suits one’s own personality and achieves the effect that is desired. Only in this way is it possible not just to find a fragrance good, but to fall in love with it.

You get exceptional fragrances that are not often available in stores, because they stand out for their quality and special origin. Many of them come from noble perfume houses or exclusive family manufactories, where the passion for perfume comes first.

As a member, you will receive 8ml of your luxury perfume each month in convenient vials. This will last you at least a month with around 120 sprays.

In order not to lose the overview, there is our fragrance calendar, which you can set up individually and personally. This way, you simply choose a new fragrance for each month and plan everything in advance. The fragrances themselves you wear as a statement in our stylish case, which quickly finds a permanent place in your pocket and additionally protects your case.

Last but not least, we source all fragrances only from authorized retailers or directly from the brands – a principle we take very seriously. Shipping is free worldwide and you can cancel or pause your membership at any time.

Find your new favorite scent with the Perfume Finder

With our Perfume Finder, you can make a preliminary selection to narrow down the perfumes that come into question. Lovely and seductive or rather powerful and confident? The Perfume Finder helps determine the perfect fragrance for every day, that special occasion or for the next date. Personal preferences narrow down the palette – taking the agony of choice away. The differentiated suggestions refer exclusively to the specified attributes that the perfume should have. Each detailed fragrance description shows which focal points the respective perfume has to offer.

The right storage

To ultimately enjoy your luxury perfume for a long time, you should definitely store it in a cool, dark and dry place. If you don’t want to hide your fragrances in the closet, you should choose a shelf where the sun doesn’t shine directly on it. To keep sunlight out as best as possible, the outer packaging of the perfume or our case is suitable. You should also avoid temperature fluctuations, because most fragrances do not tolerate these differences and their intensity decreases in the long run.

The ideal room for storage is the bedroom. Many put their perfume in the bathroom for practical reasons. But here it is warm, humid, and temperatures fluctuate – in other words, everything that can harm perfume. In the bedroom, even in winter, there is usually little heating, so the temperatures hardly change. Sunlight is also less in this room, because people often keep it rather dark.




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