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Blend Oud – a journey to the Orient

By Hannah Werneth

Blend Oud is a tribute to the ancient Arabian tradition of blending: the art of combining precious oils in search of the perfect fragrance. Both the name and the identity of the brand represent the knowledge of this ancient art, which dates back thousands of years. The brand is inspired by the traditional gestures of Arab master perfumers who mixed the most extraordinary raw materials with precision and patience, bringing to life a fascinating olfactory culture.






With Khoul from Blend Oud, the hearts of female oud lovers beat faster. Khoul is floral, fruity and spicy at the same time. Clearly perceptible is the fruity peach note which gives this oud fragrance a playful, sweet nuance. The oud in combination with the vanilla provides a pleasant warmth. Lemon, bergamot and green notes provide a sparkling prelude which gives this oud fragrance a surprising lightness.


Oud Zanzibar

Fruity-fresh at the start, this oud fragrance by Blend Oud surprises its wearer with scents of melon and lemon. Initially much more restrained, the floral notes of jasmine and magnolia come more and more to the fore until finally the fragrance develops into a warm, earthy, sweet composition of sandalwood and patchouli. Just like the patchouli note, the oud very subtly accompanies the development of the fragrance without being intrusive or even resinous. The fragrance really manages to transport the atmosphere and the attitude to life of a tropical island.


Tupai Love

A fragrance that already carries the passion and sensuality of a paradisiacal island in its name. A floral powdery lightness of jasmine, iris and rose follows a deep composition of vanilla, tonka bean, cedar and patchouli. The fragrance evokes a powerful and pristine place, surrounded by the sea of passion. The sun is slowly setting, decorating the horizon with purple and pink tones. When the last ray disappears, scents of flowers are in the air. An intense and sensual floral moment that never seems to fade. When you close your eyes, you feel what only imagination can capture in a fragrance: the warmth of the sea and the delicacy of the sand on your skin.


Santal Pondicherry

Santal Pondicherry by Blend Oud is almost a spiritual fragrance, which captures the atmosphere and smells of a sacred house or consecrated place. This illusion is created by the interplay of incense, myrrh and precious woods. Nevertheless, the fragrance does not seem old-fashioned at all, but rather glamorous and noble. This is ensured by vanilla, amber and spices such as cardamom, which give the fragrance a warm depth.




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