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Perfume horoscope: This fragrance suits your zodiac sign

By Hannah Werneth

Choose the right niche fragrance for your zodiac sign

Each of us has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to which fragrances best suit our personal style. Believe it or not, your personal zodiac sign can help you find the right fragrance.

Perfume is much more than an accessory – it’s a symbol of our personality and mood. But how well does the perfume you use every day match your zodiac sign? Each of them has their own characteristics and preferences, which should be taken into account when choosing the perfect fragrance. If you’re looking for a perfume to match your zodiac sign, you should first think about what qualities you’d like to emphasize. Do you want to smell particularly sensual, or are you looking for more of a fragrance that highlights your personality? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect fragrance for your zodiac sign.





The 12 signs of the zodiac and their perfect scents


1. Aries: Strength & Adventurousness

Aries people are passionate and energetic. They look for a fragrance that underlines their sensuality and helps them stand out from the crowd. Aries-born people go through life confident and dynamic and know exactly what they want. They are attracted to citrusy, woody-warm perfumes that underline their joie de vivre. With fragrance notes of cashmere wood, bergamot and vetiver, Bohemia 265 by Maison Noir is the ideal companion for the Aries and unifies their powerful personality.



2. Taurus: Sensuality & Elegance

How does the Taurus’ calm and balanced nature manifest itself in its choice of the perfect fragrance? In order to bring out the grounded and kind character of this sign, natural, lasting fragrances are a good choice. The Taurus loves florals as well as tart notes of precious woods, and is as enthusiastic about aromas of mimosa as he is about spicy mosses. Blooming Summer by Aemium is the perfect Taurus fragrance because it captures exactly this energy through white floral accords and cedar wood. In addition, Aemium fragrances are vegan and animal-free – in other words, completely natural, just the way the bull likes it.



3. Gemini: Freshness, Energy & Creativity

Which fragrance best appeals to the versatile interests of the Gemini? This star sign is particularly inquisitive, communicative, easy-going, and flexible. Gemini love change and are consistent optimists: rejections don’t throw them off track so quickly. They are aware of how much life has to offer and enjoy the abundance of new opportunities. Sparkling aromas such as bergamot or fresh apples suit their nature. For contrast, cedarwood and amber ground the excited zodiac sign. Romeo on the Rocks by Philly and Phill is with bergamot, fruits and cedarwood thus the perfect choice for the Gemini.



4. Cancer: Romance, Gentleness & Warmth

What makes a soft, playful Cancer fragrance so special? Cancer is absolutely romantic, mysterious and generally considered very sensitive. Since he has a sensitive and easily vulnerable soul, he needs passionate, lovely and beguiling fragrances. Citrus, rose, jasmine, and patchouli are some of the fragrances that are a real treat for Cancer. Accordingly, he will surely be happy with 1992 Purple Night by Les Bains Guerbois. With mandarin, patchouli, and jasmine, the fragrance contains everything the Cancer heart desires.



5. Leo: Drama, Sovereignty & Opulence

The combination of strength and grace is what the royal lion is also looking for in his favorite perfume! The lion has an oodles of lust for life, self-confidence, vitality and pride. Warm and oriental spices, intense flowers, citrus fruits and aromatic herbs are consequently his secret favorites. If you’re a born lion, you’ll love Chypre Shot by Olfactive Studio – a dark, exotic fragrance with notes of saffron, cardamom, coffee and black pepper.



6. Virgo: Clarity, Pragmatism & Discipline

Virgos are very productive and have good analytical skills. They are mostly controlled by their clever mind and sense of order. Accordingly, clear and minimalistic fragrances with aquatic or fresh notes suit the structured and orderly character of Virgo. Perfumes with a molecular touch could also suit Virgos very well. Here, Paper by Commodity is very suitable – a light fragrance with a clean, linear scent character that does not distract the structured mind of Virgos.



7. Libra: Harmony, Balance & Beauty

Libra-born people love harmony and have a strong sense of justice and empathy. They place great importance on living in harmony with their surroundings. Just as warm and sensual as their relationships are the Libra’s fragrances, which are often dominated by vetiver, pink pepper and amber. Aromas of cedar and sandalwood also have a stabilizing effect on the zodiac sign. These help her to make the right decisions. Finally, if you want to have vetiver, sandalwood and pink pepper combined in one fragrance, it is best to reach for Golden Prince by Orlov Paris. The ideal fragrance for all those who do justice to the scales.



8. Scorpio: Passion, Intensity & Desire

Absolute self-control and passion is what makes a real Scorpio. He is considered to be hungry for life and interested in everything strange and unusual. Scorpios are strong, emotional, combative and known to assert themselves and seduce with their charm. Their inexhaustible energy is best captured in opulent fragrances with vanilla, musk or balsamic notes. Accordingly, a suitable companion would be 106 by Bon Parfumeur, which can stand up to Scorpio with strong vanilla and precious Peru balsam.



9. Sagittarius: Freedom, adventurousness & optimism

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is literally bursting with ideas and loves to travel around and above all to be free. Therefore, his choice of perfume is usually woody or green. With notes of moss, woods and vetiver, Sagittarius gets the necessary energy he needs for his next adventure. The perfect fragrance for him is thus Dancing on Goosebumps by Emil Élise, which already has adventure in its name. With this fragrance, Sagittarius will certainly find a reason to dance, even if he does not dance on «Goosebumps».



10. Capricorn: Consistency, Respect & Tradition

Reliability and discipline – these are probably the two greatest principles of a Capricorn. He is characterized by his ambition and the pursuit of success, which makes him an honest and well-organized spirit. Earthy perfumes that match their character traits are most suitable for Capricorns. It is important for them to always appear serious, which is why a natural fragrance character fits very well, so as not to slay anyone. Woody notes of sandalwood or cypress do well – gladly sometimes in combination with gentle, spicy accords. So a Capricorn should go for nightscape by Ulrich Lang New York – a light fragrance with cedar wood, green notes and a nice spiciness from the tropical tonka bean.



11. Aquarius: Independence, Originality & Imagination

Aquarius is considered pragmatic, independent and subject to the constant urge for freedom. They are hardworking people who have a lot of creativity and unique intuition. This requires unobtrusive fragrances that are refreshing and airy. At the same time, it must be something special that not everyone has. For example, fresh fruits, berries, aquatic notes or aromatic flowers suit Aquarius – so that it remains unexciting but still unique. All this is fulfilled by the eponymous fragrance of the brand Orlov Paris. Orlov contains creamy orange blossom, as well as raspberry and black currant, which give the fragrance originality and pick up the style of Aquarius.



12. Pisces: Mysticism & Emotional Balance

Pisces are known for their empathy and dreamy inner world. They are mysterious, emotional and love to feel safe and secure. The zodiac sign is considered to be delicate and rather gentle in nature. So should be the fragrance that accompanies a Pisces-born. Fresh perfumes with notes of violet, water lily or herbs suit his dreamy character. The fragrance should radiate security and be as natural as possible. The best fit at this point is Ege by Nishane – a very aquatic fragrance with very special accents such as basil, mint and anise.




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