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Fragrances for the winter

By Hannah Werneth

Cold days – warm scents

Fragrance recommendations for the winter



Each fragrance has its own season! Right?

We also think fragrances can be varied depending on the seasons. There are perfumes that give us a very special vibe – a warm, cozy one. You like to remember certain scents, yes – the little things in life. To the fluffy, freshly washed cuddly sweater, to the end of the day in front of the fireplace – or to the scent that comes to you while strolling through the Christmas market and walking past your favorite punch and almond stand. All these associations can give us scents, because they stimulate our senses and make us daydream – they inspire us.



What are “warm” fragrances?

One often speaks of fragrances and gives them a meaning in the sense of temperature. But what is a warm fragrance? Can a fragrance also be “cold”? Characteristic of warm fragrances are often animal scents in the perfumes of the type Chypre and Orient. Chypre scents are usually characterized by a mixture of citrus notes, labdanum and oakmoss. Oriental fragrances, on the other hand, consist of spices, cinnamon, frankincense and/or vanilla. As is well known, the fragrance notes mentioned are associated with a kind of enjoyment and cosiness, which the term “warm” tries to explain. It should make it clear that the smell is accompanied by a positive inspiration – a pleasantly cozy journey of thought. We remember moments when we feel comfortable.





Into the new year with winter scents

“Carry the warmth of life in your heart” – or on your skin! We have used some noses for you and would now like to introduce you to a few fragrance recommendations for the winter season:


⠀ Molinard – Ambre

An unforgettable journey to the enchanting lands of the East! Ambre is destined to keep the secret of seduction and reveals the sophistication of a noble and exclusive affair. This Eau de Parfum offers elegance in a shimmering tone, for a contemporary olfactory interpretation of the Molinard myth.




⠀⠀⠀ Nishane – Fan your Flames

Fan your Flames is reminiscent of a beautiful, quiet night in the company of loved ones smoking a pleasantly intense shisha and enjoying life. It is a smoky, woody-spicy fragrance inspired by one of the most important Persian poets – Rumi, who sees love as the main force of the universe. According to Rumi, the perfume is supposed to make the inner fire burn in one: “Set your life on fire and look for those who will light your flames”.



⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ Giardino Benessere – Bianco Laos

The fragrance is inspired by the hippie music and fashion of the 70s. A perfume dedicated to the lightness of this time, to awaken the memory deep hidden in us. At the same time, Bianco Laos also bears the character of a very metropolitan and contemporary world – created to become a symbol as a tribute to all the years of peace and love. Bianco Laos sets real signs – with decisive, provocative and narcotic fragrances that make up the unique character of the fragrance



⠀⠀ Olfactive Studio – Chypre Shot

Chypre Shot is reminiscent of moments in infinite vastness, surrounded by nature, but still alone. A refreshing feeling of the wind, moisture that is in the air, but still always warming and fragrant. A smoky spice together with the power of nature forms this impressive fragrance experience, which convinces with an imposing soul.



⠀ Perfumery Particulière – Madeleine

A ravishingly refined sweetness and warm, rich yellow sunbeams that warm and beguile you. Madeleine convinces in an elegant, sweet and warm way and captivates every nose. The fragrance is mysterious, unique and powerful.





Have you now felt like experiencing one or more fragrances for yourself? Discover the YUNIQU Perfume Finder and find your (winter) fragrance! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time via social media or under happyend@yuniqu.net. We look forward to hearing from you!