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How fragrances affect you and your counterpart

By Hannah Werneth

Scents that drive us crazy

There is a real science behind the attraction of fragrances! Even if the opinion of our counterpart regarding our choice of fragrance may be secondary, it is still interesting to know what exactly attracts in a perfume.

Which fragrances are particularly attractive to the other person depends especially on personal taste, but there are a few tips that help in the selection. Perfume is not without reason considered an aphrodisiac and can serve as a means of flirting or rekindling old passions. Today we’ll tell you about seductive and attractive fragrances that will leave a lasting impression on your counterpart. This way, you can not only shine on dates, but find your scent that makes you irresistible.


For example, an attractive fragrance specifically contains fresh and aquatic scents, as they smell clean and very well-groomed – which is definitely attractive. Wearing a perfume with a spicy accord is also a very good choice for the next date, as spices are known for their aphrodisiac effect.

Wood – a noble material that we encounter every day – has an equally appealing effect. Woody fragrances seduce with their pleasant, warm and invigorating scent. Vanilla is also super suitable in an attract scent because its smell reminds us of many treats that can be tempting. Some fruity as well as sweet fragrance accents bring energy and fire into a fragrance composition and also attract attention.


Our recommendations with particularly high dynamics:





Perfumes with positive effects on well-being

Snuggled up in the blanket, a warm tea, your new favorite songs and a scent that relaxes – time out in the form of me-time is always a good idea! While spending time for yourself, the best thing you can do is consciously go into yourself, calm down and reflect. For the perfect feel-good atmosphere, a perfume that is particularly relaxing or with which you associate positive, pleasant memories can help.

Scientific studies prove the calming and thus stress-reducing effect of fragrances. Smelling certain fragrances triggers emotions and reactions in the body that can positively influence well-being.


When choosing, go for scents like vanilla and floral, which have been shown to help people feel relaxed. They are scents for coming down, restoring inner balance and creating a sense of lightness and clarity in the mind. Perfumes that make you feel better!

Perfumes with lavender are definitely one of them here. The floral, somewhat soapy scent is known for its calming and sleep-inducing effects and is wonderful for relaxing. Jasmine is also known for stress-reducing properties. Its intense, sweet and floral scent helps relieve fatigue and tension. Fragrances of rose are also said to reduce anxiety and stress and help with relaxation.


Our selection of fragrances to feel good:




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