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Parfums de Marly – French perfumery

By Hannah Werneth



An authentic perfumery

The splendour of the lifestyle of Château de Marly is revived : a place of celebration and fun in the 18th century. Parfums de Marly: a refined perfumery that respects French expertise and creates contrasting fragrance images through the tact of the perfumers – atmospheric and harmonious.

Each creation has a unique recognition value and its very own fragrance signature. They symbolize special experiences with a fascinating combination of classical and modern. All bold compositions from a palette of noble content that dares to go against the grain. True “signature” fragrances that are very distinctive and express a contemporary lifestyle.



Philosophy and inspiration

The brand was founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, who discovered his love for perfume through his father. He was born near the Marly Palace and the Gardens of Versailles and has been very positively influenced by the history with which he grew up.

The brand interprets the 18th century and its pinnacle of French elegance: the reign of perfume. A very luxurious time, which is reflected in the fragrances, as well as in the bottles and the brand identity itself.



In the royal gardens of Versailles there were over ninety thousand flowers and plants at that time. They all served the “perfumed court” of the absolutist king, where even the fountains carried perfumed water. Furthermore, the so-called marly pleasure palace was famous for the king’s horse breeding . The Tunisian king gave him eight Arabs who had roots in magnificent European horses. They were the model for the famous sculptures on the Champs Elysee.

Overall, Parfum de Marly revives in the bottles what was celebrated during this special era. The elegance, the excess of beauty, the numerous festivals and the exclusivity of the breeding horses that Louis the 15th loved so much. Ultimately, some creations were even named after the horses.



The top perfumes de Marly



Sweet, spicy and sensual. The tangy tangerine combines in Layton with noble woods and strong spices, which are enlivened by a hint of jasmine. Parfums de Marly combines vanilla and light herbs that carry the addictive character and radiate a warm and at the same time fresh aura .

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This powdery-floral fragrance consists of the energetic rose, warm vanilla and bergamot. In addition, there is the liveliness of fresh, exotic fruits, which gives Delina a certain youthfulness . The combination of lychee and rhubarb interprets a flowering sweetness, which combines perfectly with the white flowers it contains.

Here you can find more information about Delina.




Pegasus Exclusif is a fine harmony of bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and heliotrope. In addition, it develops a very masculine, woody starch, which is emphasized by an elegant vanilla note. In addition, there are scents of lavender and bitter almond, which act like an increased power and give a very own temperament.

You can find out more about Pegasus Exclusive here.




This perfume is airy-sweet and reminiscent of a summery, fruity elixir. It embodies pleasure and lightness in a tangy, gourmandy structure that stands out for its bergamot, berries and orange. The twist in Oriana is definitely the sugary marshmallow accent, but it blends very pleasantly with the purity of the fruit.

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