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Initio – Emotions and Alchemy

By Hannah Werneth

Initio wants the imagination to take on a life of its own when you perceive their fragrance creations. So it’s less about remembering, but more about letting yourself be carried away mentally. What should not go unmentioned is that the perfumes of Initio can be combined with each other. This is not only something for old masters of perfume wearing, but also something for daredevils. You simply can’t get enough of Initio!

The Latin word Initio means both: «The beginning», origin, a return to the essence of perfume, in its original magical and religious function. But also: «I initiate». An initiation to experience perfumes as objects of power.





Absolute Aphrodisiac

Some say it’s cotton candy, others think pastry. However, this voluptuous sweetness is not heavy or oppressive, but teasing and especially powdery. What’s nice about it is that Initio understands how to make vanilla smell authentic. In other words, it is just how we imagine vanilla as pure seduction and not flatly synthetic. Despite its presence, the scent is not intrusive or unpleasantly room-filling. Once you’ve let the vanilla lure you in, the scent lets you see through what it’s really after. It likes it animalic and captivates you with leather notes. In addition, the attractant castoreum mixes – an aphrodisiac that awakens desires in you.


High Frequency

Fragrant jasmine, magnolia flowers, delicious almonds and seductive hendoins – High Frequency is definitely a special fragrance! It starts slowly with a sweet blend of almond, magnolia and jasmine, which is then slowly joined by a seductive explosion of musk and hendoins. These hendoins act very attractive to the human nose, which is why you can turn some heads with this fragrance.


Oud for Greatness

Mystical, sacred, even almost magical: highly concentrated and with the finest natural oud oil, Oud for Greatness is a particularly prestigious perfume with an expressive signature. Blended with notes of lavender and saffron, the fragrance offers an exceptionally intense experience and seduces with its uniqueness. Oud – for happiness, harmony and healing, strengthens the mental and spiritual condition by creating balance, promoting inner peace and personal growth.




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