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Fragrance of the Month August for Him – Still life in Rio by Olfactive Studio

By Nicolas Frank

The perfumers of Olfactive Studio are inspired by unique photographsin their creations. As in the case of still life in Rio. In his photograph, the Brazilian photographer Flavio Veloso, author of the image, captured the beauty of Rio in a unique moment. At dawn, He went to Mount Corcovado, where the famous figure of Christ stands. There the sky was illuminated by a golden ray wreath. A moment full of power and grandness. The still quiet city of Rio awakens and a new exciting day begins. This moment between silence and vibrancy inspired the perfumers to the fragrance Still life in Rio.

Now you are certainly curious how Still life in Rio by Olfactive Studio Smells. Me too, that’s why I apply the fragrance now….

First of all, I perceive the citrus yitric note, but it does not have the sparkling freshness that citrus fragrance compositions usually have. No, the fragrance has a pleasant warmth. This is new to me. Gradually, spicy-green scents are added, which make the fragrance appear softer and softer, but again something happens here. The spicy note is by no means tart, but fresh. After some time the scent seems slightly creamy to me, could come from the coconut water. At the end, a bubbly-heavy note comes out again, is that perhaps the rum?
The scent reminds me of the moment when I drink my first coffee on the balcony at the weekend. Everything is quiet. Then I am gripped by the urge to act and the lust for life. I want to get up and experience something. A moment of good humor.

I hope I was able to inspire you for the fragrance Still life in Rio, with me it is already in the fragrance calendar. With you too? No YUNIQU perfume subscription? No problem at all. Sign up and enjoy your very first monthly fragrance.

Until next time

Your Alex