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Perfumes that smell like…

By Nicolas Frank

Before we start to introduce you to fragrances that smell like some of the most famous fragrance creations, I have to clarify one thing. We don’t want to introduce you to dupes or fragrance twins that tend to fall into the very inexpensive category. We want to show you new fragrances that smell similar to well-known brand fragrances, but even better and more unique! We just want to show you alternatives to the well-known brand fragrances.

So let’s start.

Alternative to Chanel N°5. We recommend By Night White by Profumi Del Forte

Chanel N°5 is a rather classic fragrance that is very floral and powdery. If you like Chanel N°5, you have to try Profumi Del Forte’s Perfume By Night White. This fragrance is also a rather classic fragrance that smells very floral and powdery. The heart is characterized by floral, southern seduction. Orange blossoms, jasmine, violets, Turkish rose and orchid form the opulent flower bouquet. The base couldn’t be softer. Gentle tonka bean, benzoic resin, heliotrope, vanilla and sandalwood.

Alternative to Dolce & Gabanna The One For Her. We recommend Safanad by Parfums de Marly

The One For Her by Dolce & Gabanna is also a floral fragrance, but it goes into the sweet and fruity fragrance. Our alternative to The One For Her is Safanad by Parfums de Marly. A very elegant and feminine fragrance. At first the fragrance shows its sweet and fruity side, but a short time later the sweet notes combine with delicate orange blossoms, proud iris and gently fragrant ylang-ylang. Finally, the fine vanilla is added.

Alternative to Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. We recommend Infini by Caron

Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel is also one of the most popular brand fragrances. A rather slightly floral, sweet and fruity fragrance. If you like this fragrance, then you certainly like the perfume Infini from Caron. A creation full of contrasts in the interplay of sensuality and strength, tradition and modernity. The fragrance captures the spirit of the legendary 1920s and pays homage to the woman’s two faces – sensual and seductive. As well as Coco Madmoiselle, Infini goes in the floral and fruity direction, paired with a sweet vanilla note.

Alternative to Prada Candy. We recommend Delox by Tiziana Terenzi

Let us now move on to a real sugar explosion. Anyone who has ever smelled Prada Candy knows that the perfume just smells sweet. Delox by Tiziana Terenzi is also a real sugar bomb, but unlike Prada Candy, there is a nice light floral touch. The hypnotic power of white hyacinth is lost along with opulent royal iris. This scent is embraced by sweet myrrh and roasted coffee. Noble ambra and cypress notes as well as mild honey nuances provide the basis. The combination is rounded off by a strong note of Lebanese cedar wood. A scent of undisturbed light-heartedness and at the same time lush, intoxicating notes.

Alternative to Alien by Thierry Mugler. We recommend Iconic Amber Oud from Welton.

The perfume Alien by Thierry Mugler goes more into the oriental and sweet fragrance direction. Especially the interplay of amber, woody and sweet notes make the perfume a very sensual fragrance. Iconic Amber Oud by Welton is also a very seductive fragrance. A remarkable incarnation of the Orient of days gone by with a touch of modernity – Simply magical! The perfume makes you really addicted. A wonderful combination of black musk, ambra and sandalwood in combination with sweet honey notes.

Well, he’s been curious about it?! By the way, you can experience these and many other beautiful niche fragrances with the Perfume Subscription from YUNIQU.

You deserve to smell stunning and unique!

See you! Your Tami